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Hello! I'm Chelley

Wife, Mother, Daughter

Who am I?

Hello! I’m Chelley. I’m an ADD riddled, 40-something, native Oklahoman.
wife to Mikey and momma to three ADULTS, one teenager and two sweet doodles. I’m a total extraverted introvert. I fight big, love bigger and have a 10% filter on a good day. I love Jesus, teenagers, MacGyvering all of the things, dirty dirty dirt and travel. I believe in the
truth but also, in it, I believe in finding the good. No good to be found? I self-soothe by wearing my super snuggly soft and comfy onesie and watching baby animal videos. I’m a little nuts.

Check your pretense at the door unless it’s your Momma standing there

If you love to laugh at the expense of others, I’m your girl. It’s OK. I’m laughing too!

I’ll include you on my new journey of having 3 college kids/adult children and a teenager named Grey, my old journey of being married to Mike, and the steadfast journey of being true to myself.

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