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(noun, stuff Chelley would say)
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Stories of my life, my family, and my madness…

The Day The Music Died

My childhood church celebrated 125 years this weekend and my former youth pastor decided to seize the opportunity and get his particular group of kids together prior to the church’s celebration dinner. I went just for the youth part. The last time I remember seeing...

TIA Today

So I'm at the airport, I'm supposed to fly into the city where my son is attending college and his move in is in the morning.... SO I GOTTA GET THERE!! My husband and son are already there but I stayed back due to a BRIEF (praying and hopeful) illness. My first flight...



Immediately upon waking in the morning (or through the night if I wake up at all), the very SECOND my brain has a lucid thought, I get hot. I sleep comfortably all night long, snuggly under the covers with a whole other warm body next to me and I'm fine. BUT. The...

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