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So I’m at the airport, I’m supposed to fly into the city where my son is attending college and his move in is in the morning…. SO I GOTTA GET THERE!! My husband and son are already there but I stayed back due to a BRIEF (praying and hopeful) illness. My first flight of two has been canceled, and here I am. Hangin’. I have a flight out in two hours and hopefully, please Jesus, after my connection (again, please Jesus), I’ll make it in before dark.

I decided to take myself and my cough (brief) and my shingles (I hope brief!!) to a more remote place so not to share whatever might be shareable with my fellow passengers, and I ended up at one of the little divot-in-the-wall restaurants where they serve the whole menu all day. I’m allergic to eggs, so a chicken quesadilla at 9:45 in the morning is an unexpected blessing and totally something I’d have at home on any given morning… if a fairy happened to put some cooked chicken in the fridge, anyway.

The people who fly never fail to fascinate me. A loud guy over at the bar thinks it’s a big deal to have come from California today, without a reclining seat, mind you, and then to have to wait some in our fair city of Tulsa for more than just a second. I could fill a book with interesting and frustrating travel experiences, and I may someday but for now… CHILL, DUDE!! *He just offered me a mistakenly ordered Long Island Iced Tea to which I said no thanks, and he was, of course, offended. He said he didn’t spike it or anything but, hate ta tell ya, it done been spiked. Now LEAVE ME ALONE. Go back to your own people, loud guy.

He is the exception, however, as I am in love with most humans and will do most anything for anybody. There is a pair of women at my gate who are communicating via sign language and while one woman is silent, the other signs but also speaks in her own language which is mostly comprised of tongue rolling and clicks. FASC I NAT ING. I love her and I hope she has a great time wherever she’s headed.

The TSA agent in security ate his Wheaties this morning and was all kinds of plucky/silly. Ya gotta admire those who make the best of what I imagine to be tireless, thankless jobs. He probably gets the grouchy meanies all day, but he’s gonna tell them some awesome dad jokes, despite. I’ll laugh and support you, TSA guy!! You GO!! Thanks for being you in this grouchy meanie filled world!

And God bless the gate agent! She must be a native Oklahoman (we are so nice, y’all) AND a mother of many (patience of Job) because the flight was canceled, she was alone and she never broke a sweat with the piles and piles of pissed off people coming to yell at her. She managed to (hopefully) get me where I’m going TODAY while the people on the phone failed and made me cry a little. I’m particularly tender these days… doesn’t take much.

Meanwhile, my little guy is home sleeping all snug with his dogs and my husband and college-bound son have just taken a walk along one of the Great Lakes. They’re in a little bit of Heaven. The college city is one of the snowiest in the country so I hope my sunshine loving boy SOAKS IT UP and then takes some vitamin D starting TODAY.

Going to my gate now and hopefully I’ll join the happy, lake walking-guys soon.


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